Types in MathNet.Filtering.TransferFunctions

Type BilinearTransform

Namespace MathNet.Filtering.TransferFunctions

Transform the list of zeros and poles (adjusting the gain accordingly) of a transfer function through the bilinear transform.

Static Functions

Public Static Functions

ValueTuple<double, Complex[], Complex[]> Apply(double gain, Complex[] zeros, Complex[] poles, double samplingTime)

Applies the bilinear transform starting from the set of zeros and poles.
For performance reasons, the method edits the input list of zeros and poles in-place when feasible, so the input and output arrays might be the same object.
double gain

Transfer function gain.

Complex[] zeros

List of zeros.

Complex[] poles

List of poles.

double samplingTime

Sampling time, computed as the inverse of sampling frequency.

ValueTuple<double, Complex[], Complex[]>

Recomputed gain, list of zeros and list of poles.